Professional Project Management Services

Three big projects contemporary and last minute changes from the client – this is often normal in project management everyday life. It needs professional project management services to keep up with the daily challenges, to keep track of things, to plan resources efficiently, to meet deadlines, not to exceed agreed cost limits and to make customers happy.

The range of tasks of a project manager is manifold and ranges from customer communication through coordination to project controlling. Also included are tasks such as conception, resource planning, budgeting and timing.

Here are is an overview of the most important tasks of a project manager

A project manager who offers professional project management services will deal on a daily basis with the tasks listed below. These include:

  • Internal and external project communication,
  • Duration and resource estimating,
  • Cost evaluating / budgeting,
  • Quality control,
  • Change control,
  • Progress and project status reporting,
  • Acquisition of material and/or services,
  • Cost controlling and client billing,
  • Coordination of tasks, resources and material,
  • Evaluating and managing risks and opportunities,
  • Managing stakeholder engagement.

This is just a loose listing of what a Project Manager is doing every day. Download a list of all project management processes for free.

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The 5 phases of a project

The 5 phases of a project are:

  1. Integration,
  2. Planning,
  3. Executing,
  4. Monitoring and controlling,
  5. Closing.

These phases overlap and it is usually not the case that one phase ends and the next phase begins. To the contrary, it is more likely that certain deviations from the plan will be detected as part of the monitoring and controlling and that, to a certain extent, re-planning will be required.

Unfortunately, the initial planning is often not given sufficient attention. The reasons for this may be of different nature. The reasons for this may be of a different nature, however, a common reason seems to be that initially not too much effort is used, because sometimes it is not yet decided whether it will ultimately come to the implementation of the project. Also, the project manager and other key people are often not on board and therefore simply the human resources are not available to make a professional plan.

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