How to earn Money with Affiliate Marketing? 3 Steps Guide for Beginners

earning money with affiliate marketing

Who doesn’t know the YouTube videos and advertisements that suggest to us how a sixteen-year-old earns 10,000 Euros or more overnight without working for it. Common sense tells us that it must be pretty impossible. But does that mean that you can’t make any money on the Internet? Hereafter, I’ll explain to you my own experiences on how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

For quite a while I have been making small monthly amounts with Google Ads regularly. So it is very clear to me that it is possible to make money on the Internet and I think we all know that by now.

The question we all ask ourselves is how much can one earn? Is it possible to live on it and how does it work?

With this article, I would like to explain to you how to earn money with affiliate marketing very easily.


The Good News - You can make money with Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

I can say with a clear conscience that I make money online from home without previous knowledge. The flip side of the coin, you won’t get rich overnight without doing anything for it.

The method I use to make money is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is not complicated and you can just do what I do. In this article I explain step by step and in detail how I make money online.

In principle, there are two possibilities:

  1. Sell your own product
  2. Promote another product

I am assuming that you do not have your own product and therefore advertise someone else’s product and receive a percentage commission for it.

You are just 3 steps away from making money online as an affiliate

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Earning money with affiliate marketing

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Step 1: Find a product and a platform


How to earn money with affiliate marketingWell, obviously you want to sell someone else’s product for commission.

Something basic beforehand, don’t sell a product, but a solution to a certain problem. Quite simply, when someone is hungry, sell them something to satisfy their hunger, don’t try to sell them bread. Maybe he doesn’t like bread at all. Clear?

The question that arises is which product – well, solution 😉- and where do you get it from?

You should consider the following when choosing:

  • It will be easier for you if you are familiar with the product / product area. I know solution …
  • It should be legally and ethically sound, after all, you want to earn money, not cause yourself problems.
  • Sales should work fully automatically without you having to order, store and ship goods.
  • The effort for subsequent support should not be too high.



The system that I would recommend is Digistore24.

  1. As far as I know, Digistore does not make any restrictions regarding your location. This may be different for other platforms.
  2. I have had no problems so far and have always gotten my money on time.
  3. Good product range.
  4. Registration is free and the sales fees are very reasonable.

I would recommend you to register as an affiliate and as a vendor. What does this mean again? Very simple, if you are selling my product, you need an affiliate account. If you are considering offering your own products later, which others advertise, you need a vendor account.

What is the system for?

This is where the entire sale process takes place including receipt of payment from PayPal, credit card or bank transfer, delivery of the product (ebook, templates, courses, etc.), reverse processing of payment in the event of a return, tax processing, etc.

How to make money as an affiliateFor example, I sell project management templates and if you should decide on my product, you can simply read on.

You will find a button next to the product. It is labeled “Get a Promo Link”. You have to copy the promolink. You will need it in the next step. You can temporarily write it down or save it.

Besides the product information the promolink also contains your affiliate ID, which you created when you registered. This way, Digistore can recognize sales that you have generated and bill them accordingly.

Is everything fine so far? In the next step you have to work a little. 😟 But don’t worry, I made it too.

Step2: Create a Sales Page

If the platform takes care of the accounting and delivery, than you need to take care about sales now.

You do that by creating a webpage. Wait, don’t run away… Are you able to create a flyer in Word, or with Photoshop or any other program? Yes? Than you can also create a sales page on the Internet. I’ll show you free solutions, and don’t forget, you also have the templates from the course above.

Register a website with Wix or others and create a sales page for each product. Everything works with drag and drop and copy and paste. Understanding of coding is not required.

There are many providers of free websites. Below I list just random three of them:

How does a sales page look like?

Believe it or not, creating a sales page with one of these services is easier than creating a Facebook profile and having your own website gives you a good feeling.

A sales page is divided into different areas. Consider below schematic as your starting point:

  1. Describe the problem “You have to write a projet management plan, but you don’t know where to start…”,
  2. Describe your solution to the problem – remember to sell a solution, not a product,
  3. Place a CTA, a button that customers click to buy your product. Here you have to use your promo link that you created earlier.
  4. Provide more information about the product, respectively the solution to the customer’s problem, include testimonials etc.,
  5. Place another CTA. Again paste your promo link.

Step 3: Creating Website Traffic

How to make money as an affiliateThe best sales page is worth nothing without visitors. There are different ways to get website visitors.
  1. Paid traffic – This is probably the easiest way to generate visits in the beginning. Do not run away now, read until the end and then make a decision. The 2 main ways are:
    • Google Adwords – Your page will be listed at the beginning of the search results (if relevant to search), and your link will be shown on other websites. You then usually pay for each click on your advertisement.
    • Social (I mean primarily Facebook) – Facebook is what I use. The interesting thing is that an extremely large number of people voluntarily share literally everything about themselves, which you can then use to pass advertising exactly to your target group. Here, in the Facebook Ads Manager, you can find out exactly which people are interested for example in project management. I currently spend 5 EUR per day on Facebook advertising and thus generate about 20 EUR income.
  2. Organic search – These are visitors who find your page on Google, Bing or other search engines. Over time, you will certainly be able to generate website traffic in this way, but that takes time and a very good site that stands out from the competition and therefore appears high on the search results.
  3. Referral – These are visitors who have found a link to yours on another website and thus reach to your page. This unfortunately takes a long time until links to your page have spread so widely that you can generate significant traffic in this way.
  4. Direct traffic – This is when visitors know your page for example through your email footer and enter the address directly in the browser address bar.
In essence that is it. If you need more information feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I recommend watching one or two short YouTube videos for each of the above steps. It is really that easy.

How much money can you make as an affiliate?

How to make money online

Who does not know them, these YouTube videos and advertisements “16 years old makes 10000 EUR while sleeping” and so on. When I saw that, I wondered how much truth there could be. Is it true that you can easily make money on the Internet?

I used to make a little money with Google Adsense and it was clear to me, yes, you can make money online. However, Google’s advertising revenue never reached more than a small 3-digit amount per month, even though I was running a website at the time that recorded up to 350 visits per day. I haven’t bothered about it for a long time and have pursued my job. At some point I became aware of affiliate marketing and wanted to give it a try.

I did some research on the Internet and was able to find out how the system works in principle (see above). In fact, I started the system and succeeded after about a week. Since then I have been earning around 20 Euros a day. For me that was a strong proof of concept. I am currently still trying to implement improvements.

I am currently firmly convinced that one can definitely earn a life with affiliate marketing, and if I can do that, why not you? One thing, however, must be clear. Nothing comes from nothing.



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