How do Affiliate Marketers Make Money? 3 Steps Guide for Beginners

How to make money as an affiliate

Who doesn't know the YouTube videos and advertisements that suggest to us how a sixteen-year-old earns 10,000 Euros or more overnight without working for it. Common sense tells us that it must be pretty impossible. But does that mean that you can't make any money on the Internet?
The question I ask myself is how do Affiliate Marketers make money and can that be replicated by beginners.

The Good News - You can make money with Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

I can say with a clear conscience that I make money online from home without previous knowledge.
The flip side of the coin, you won't get rich overnight without doing anything for it.

The method I use to make money is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is not complicated and you can just do what I do. In this article I explain step by step and in detail how I make money online.

You are just 3 steps away from making money online as an affiliate.

  1. Find a good platform and a product,
  2. Create a sales page,
  3. Drive traffic.

Shortcut on your money earning journey

This is something that you should definitely try, if you want to earn fast. Watch how this guy earns money and start earning by replicating his system.

Step 1: Find a product and a platform

In order for you to make money online you need a product or service and a platform through which the sale is processed. You will see, this is really easy.

You have to imagine the platform as the accounting and logistics department. Invoicing, billing and delivery of the product happen here.

The Platform

I can absolutely recommend Digistore. I have had no problems so far, have always got my money on time and the big advantage, to my knowledge, Digistore24 makes no restrictions with regard to your location.
I would recommend you to register as an affiliate and as a vendor. It is absolutely free and so you can start selling your own product later if you wish.

The Product

Now that you are registered, you have to choose a product. For example, I sell project management plan templates and if you should decide on my product, you can simply read on. My explanations are based on that.
You will find a button next to the product. It is labeled "Get a Promo Link". You have to copy the promolink. You will need it in the next step. You can temporarily write it down or save it.
Besides the product information the promolink also contains your affiliate ID, which you created when you registered. This way, Digistore can recognize sales that you have generated and bill them accordingly.

Step2: Create a Sales Page

If the platform is the accounting and logistics department, then you need a showroom now.
You create the showroom in the form of a website. Wait, don't run away now, creating a Facebook profile is more complicated and I'll show you free solutions.

Of course you don't have to create a website if you don't want, but I would recommend it to you.
Better register a website with Wix or others and create a sales page for each product.

There are many providers of free websites. Below I list just random three of them:

How does a sales page look like?

Believe it or not, creating a sales page with one of these services is easier than creating a Facebook profile and having your own website gives you a good feeling.

A sales page is divided into different areas. Consider below schematic as your starting point:

  • Describe the problem "You have to write a projet management plan, but you don't know where to start...",
  • Describe your solution to the problem - remember to sell a solution, not a product,
  • Place a CTA, a button that customers click to buy your product. Here you have to use your promo link that you created earlier.
  • Provide more information about the product, respectively the solution to the customer's problem, include testimonials etc.,
  • Place another CTA. Again paste your promo link.

Step 3: Creating Website Traffic

How to make money as an affiliateThe best sales page is worth nothing without visitors. There are different ways to get website visitors.

  1. Paid traffic - This is probably the easiest way to generate visits in the beginning. Do not run away now, read until the end and then make a decision. The 2 main ways are:
    • Google Adwords - Your page will be listed at the beginning of the search results, against payment. You then usually pay for each click on your advertisement.
    • Social (I mean primarily Facebook) - Facebook is what I use. The interesting thing is that an extremely large number of people voluntarily share literally everything about themselves, which you can then use to pass advertising exactly to your target group. Here, in the Facebook Ads Manager, you can find out exactly which people are interested for example in project management. I currently spend 5 EUR per day on Facebook advertising and thus generate about 20 EUR income.
  2. Organic search - These are visitors who find your page on Google, Bing or other search engines. Over time, you will certainly be able to generate visitors in this way, but that takes time and a very good site that stands out from the competition and therefore appears high on the search results.
  3. Referral - These are visitors who have found a link to yours on another website and thus reach to your page. This unfortunately takes a long time until links to your page have spread so widely that you can generate significant traffic in this way.
  4. Direct traffic - This is when visitors know your page for example through your email footer and enter the address directly in the browser address bar.

In essence that is it. If you need more information feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I recommend watching one or two short YouTube videos for each of the above steps. It is really that easy.

How much money can you make as an affiliate?

Who does not know them, these YouTube videos and advertisements "16 years old makes 10000 EUR while sleeping" and so on. When I saw that, I wondered how much truth there could be. Is it true that you can easily make money on the Internet?

How to make money online

I used to make a little money with Google Adsense and it was clear to me, yes, you can make money online. However, Google's advertising revenue never reached more than a small 3-digit amount per month, even though I was running a website at the time that recorded up to 350 visits per day. I haven't bothered about it for a long time and have pursued my job. At some point I became aware of affiliate marketing and wanted to give it a try.

I did some research on the Internet and was able to find out how the system works in principle (see above). In fact, I started the system and succeeded after about a week. Since then I have been earning around 20 Euros a day. For me that was a strong proof of concept. I am currently still trying to implement improvements.

I am currently firmly convinced that one can definitely earn a life with affiliate marketing, and if I can do that, why not you? One thing, however, must be clear. Nothing comes from nothing.


  1. Hello!!! I am interesting to affiliate programm, i am new here in this field but i want to develop this business…

    1. Author

      Hello Bekzod,

      As described, this is also relatively new for me too, but as I said, I am beginning to see success.
      I hope that the description above helps to some extent. This is essentially the simple system that I have set up and it works.

      Good luck!

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  2. is blogger website on google helps also to sell my product there?

    1. Author

      Good evening,

      I have not tried it myself, but I would say in principle, of course yes.
      In my opinion, it is irrelevant which platform one uses. What is important is the message and that it is delivered to the right audience.

      I hope that makes sense, Iam here to help.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  3. Hi
    Am Kenyan and well versed in Affiliate Marketing and will definately promote your product.

    1. Author

      Jambo Lawrence, harabi yako? That is almost all I know in Kisuaheli 😉
      I wish you great success.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

        1. I have joined digistore24 today but l need your help and how can l start promoting and get earns after it

          1. Author

            Hello Samisone,

            I wish you best of luck.
            Please read my text above and the replies to a few others here on this page.
            Let me know if there is anything in particular I can help you with.

            Best regards,
            Marc Arnecke

  4. Sounds great.
    i am greatly interested in the PM field.

    1. Author

      Hi Alex, thanks for the comment.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  5. Thank you very much for your honesty and straightforward explanation of the reality behind Affiliate Marketing. I wish that all the ‘Gurus’ in the business were this frank about affiliate activity!

    1. Author

      Dear K D Jamanka,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Please let me know if I can be of help.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  6. Привет,Марк! Спасибо за стратегию в СРА маркетинге. Был знаком с теорией СРА маркетинга с 2015года, практики маловато,буду развиватся и продвигать ваш товар.Берегите себя от СOVID-20!

  7. It’s absolutely difficult for beginners to make even the very first single sale nowadays, partly due to the very problems you outlined hereinabove. At first, I thought the more products you sell, the better your chances. I was totally wrong.
    All the same, thanks for your invaluable advice. Affiliate marketing, it seems, is not for the impatient but it does pay indeed!

    1. Author

      Thank you Karfa, for your comment.

      I couldn’t agree more, it needs patience.
      It is some years back that I came across Affiliate Marketing for the very first time without understanding much. That time I created a page here and a page there to advertise a couple of products, but gave up totally frustrated as I couldn’t see any results and didn’t have any knowledge.
      My knowledge as of today is still little, but I found a way to make a bit profit and I am sure I will increase it over time. Currently I am focused on 2 products only. Only after I am happy with their results, I will look out for new ones.
      I wish you great success.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  8. Good morning! It is good to learn about the affiliate marketing process. Everyone tries to motivate to involve in this affiliate marketing.

    But I need one clarification from you… that after choosing the correct platform, after choosing the correct product, what’s the next task to take the product links to the reach of the end buyers?

    Please explain the final process to carry the product links to the intermediary platforms like websites or social media sites etc. Please give us a categorical explanation. Since it’s attempted globally, not all techno-savy. Please understand the plight of the beginners to move to affiliate marketing. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hello Thumma,

      I just replied to Maiko below. Hopefully that is useful for you too.
      The most difficult part in my opinion is generating visits. Everything else, like creating a website or Facebook page or something, is easy. In principle, you are actually on a right track. You comment on my website and leave a link to your website – which unfortunately does not work. Did you mistype?
      What you do is one way to make internet users aware of your website. However, this my page only records about 100 visits per day. If now every 5 days someone finds your link here, is by far not enough for you. So, work, work and more work is the order of the day.
      Anyone who believes they can get rich overnight without doing anything will probably wait in vain. If you comment on other websites, be careful. What you did here is absolutely fine. You wrote to me and your question fits the topic of the page and it is obvious that your concern was your question not to share your link.

      I wish you success and let me know what your website is.
      i am looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  9. I do not know anything as an affiliate.I have registered on Digistore24 since February 2020,started promoting some products including wesley billion dolar,but nothing is coming up.I think you can help me for every step.

    1. Author

      Hello Maiko,

      I am doing this since a few month now. That means I am also pretty much new to the subject. I had tried it before, but never understood and left it.
      However, I managed to generate a small income in the meantime.

      (1) Registering on a platform is very simple – you did that.

      (2) Picking a product is also not difficult – you did that as well. However, I would recommend that you start with a product that you are familiar with, or you are familiar with the matter. In other words, if bodybuilding is your hobby, you will probably find it easier to start selling in the fitness niche rather than starting with fishing equipment. Your entire environment, like Facebook and so on, is probably more geared towards bodybuilding or whatever applies to you.

      (3) Now you have found a product and have to advertise it. There are countless possibilities. For example, you could spread your promo-link on Facebook, Instagram or wherever. As I said, if you’re a bodybuilder, for example, advertisement for fishing rods will likely generate surprise, but not sales.
      The method I mainly use is my own website. There are websites for free at WIX, Weebly etc. (see above) and it is really not difficult to set a website up. Do you have a website by any chance?

      (4) No matter. whether you run your own website or spread your promo link in social media, you need visitors. This is exactly the same as with any traditional business. The best showroom is of no use if no one visits it. If your website is new, if you only have 300 Facebook followers or whatever, it will be extremely difficult to get sales from it. You have to do a lot of work to generate website visits from search engines such as Google or Bing. As described above, paid traffic comes into play here. I use Facebook for advertising purposes and pay around 5 EUR per day. You could advertise on Google or Bing, but I prefer FB t the moment.
      There is also email marketing. I offer something for free on my website. Strictly speaking, it is not free, but the visitor pays by giving me his email address. At certain time intervals he will automatically receive an email from me. So I try to remind him of the product and of course I try to sell it to him.

      I hope that helps a bit.
      I wish you great success, come back soon and let us know how you are cracking on.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  10. Hi everyone I’m still struggling on selling the products it’s been 2weeks now I didn’t even make a single sale anyone who can help me guys

    1. Author

      Dear Siphetfo,

      Thank you very much for your message. Your affiliate registration for my templates is dated yesterday only. I don’t know what other products you tried to sell before.

      Unfortunately the link that you provided does not work. What is your website?
      Where are you getting visitors from? How many per day? Who are they, where are they from? Do they click your links etc.?
      This all are things that need to be worked out. Even after a few month now, I am still testing and adjusting and sometimes adjustment just don’t seem to work.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  11. Hi fellow affiliate marketeer,

    Amazing website you have 🙂
    Always love to ead articles about affilliate marketing….still learning everyday

    Cheers and stay safe for Corona

    1. Author

      Thank you very much.
      I am pretty new in Affiliate Marketing. Trying only since a couple of month, but I am pretty happy that it works.
      Good luck, thanks for comment, stay safe and best regards

  12. Hello there, You’ve performed a great job. I will certainly digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  13. Hello i am try facebook ads directly to the sales page coz i dont have any website now but it keep gives error for facebook pixel !! I copy the link and make tracking in digistore24 but facebook says it not working
    Can anyone plz help me how i can do that i search everywhere on net but cant find something 100% work thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Hello Salman,

      If you place your promo-link directly into your Facebook post, and send visitors straight to Digistore, where would you install the FB pixel then?
      I think the usage of the Facebook pixel in that case will not work.
      However, I don’t know much about the FB pixel and I am happy to be corrected.

      Best regards,
      Marc Arnecke

  14. Omg, i got what i was looking for here, i pleaded to my friend to show me the tricks and the exact website for he has been earning from marketing products online but update hes not taught me, i just created a digistore24 account , but i used to hear him talking of tracking conversions i still dont know what he meant and buying numbers that he renews before expiry, i really need to know if all that related to digistore affiliate marketing .

  15. I am a beginner too and need all the assistance available. Thanks for the guidance, Marc.

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