Project Charter Template

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Project Charter
The project charter is an output of the process “develop project charter” and is a document issued by the project sponsor that formally authorises the existence of a project and provides the project manager with authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. The project charter is an internal document of the project executing organisation. Many project sponsors avoid the preparation of this document, thereby it is very important for the success or failure of a project. Creating the project charter is of great importance for the success of a project. With the help of this project charter template, it can be ensured that the critical elements of a project charter are covered. The critical elements of a project charter are:

  • Project purpose or justification,
  • Measurable project objectives and related success criteria,
  • High-level requirements,
  • Assumptions and constraints,
  • High-level project description and boundaries,
  • Initial high-level risks,
  • Summary milestone schedule,
  • Summary budget,
  • Appointment of the project manager.
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