Project Management Services


At different levels of the project life cycle, I offer exactly the support that suits your current situation. Whether for individual projects or for the entire portfolio: With my freelance project management services, I create a relief for your business and can unify project management processes.

Projects are only as good as they are planned. It is therefore my special concern to structure your project in a clean and efficient way.

In order to optimally realize a project in terms of quality, finances and time, tried-and-tested procedures adapted to such project(s) is indispensable. I am following the PMBOK® standards.

Your Benefit

  1. You will be provided exactly with the services you need, as long as you need them and when you need them.
  2. New eyes always create new perspectives.
  3. Timely intervention in the project management processes and continuous improvement through calling processes into question frequently, and increased standardization, transparency and measurability of the project work.
  4. Change impact assessments on the duration and cost of the project and required resources.

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My Principal Approach:

  1. Analysis of the current project status;
  2. Finding room for improvement and obtaining project owner’s principal consent;
  3. Discussion with project team and development or revision (if exists) of the project management plan;
  4. Monitoring & controlling progress and project status as well as quality, and reporting as required;
  5. Change management and adjustments to planning and works implementation methods as required;
  6. Deliverables hand-over.

Analysis of the Project Status

In order to be able to develop a specific concept based on your requirements, I will first analyze the actual project situation.

I will pay special attention to:

  • The actual project status in terms of planned and actual project value,
  • Compliance with quality and HSE requirements,
  • Stakeholder management,
  • Status of known risks as well as evaluation of additional risks and opportunities,
  • Project organization and existing or developing conflicts,
  • Resource utilization,
  • Reporting,
  • Document management.

The analysis is based, on the one hand, on discussions with project collaborators in different areas, as well as with the client if desired, and on the other hand on accessing documents, reports and data.

The results of the analysis are summarized in a report, which will also contain my recommendations for further action. I will present the results and determine together with the client what shall be implemented and what the priorities are.

Project Management Team Briefing and Plan Development

I recommend a kick-off event. It helps team members to get to know each other better and understand what is expected of them, as well as what they expect from each other. It helps team members to exactly understand what is expected of them, why and when. In addition, it is easy to evolve what is already working well and where improvements are needed or desired.

Everyone is a specialist in their field and has a certain contribution to the preparation of the detailed project planning. Whether that is the time schedule, cost, procurement, quality or any other management area. The project management plan is the document that describes how the project shall be accomplished. Later changes and updates are possible and common in compliance with the applicable procedures.

Monitoring, Controlling and Preparing Progress and Status Reports

The extent of monitoring and controlling sometimes are seen a bit controversial and are of course dependent on the actual project and the respective client requirements. In the end monitoring & controlling are a prerequisite for improvement and risk management. I therefore collect data on a daily basis and compare it with the planning documents. Based on the same data, I prepare the desired reports. My approach is – as detailed as necessary and as short as possible.

Change Management

The need for changes can be manifold and can be based on different causes. Changes that have an impact on the project baselines must therefore be avoided in the interests of the client or, if desired, implemented in a controlled manner. Since different stakeholders can have very different views and interests, good change management has a high priority for me.

Handing Over

The handover of the deliverables is a process that I prepare from day one. Often, this important part of project management is a bit neglected and only at the very end of the implementation phase it is found that important documents are missing or not prepared in the manner required by the client and suddenly start impacting on final payments etc.


  • Representing my client’s interests,
  • Providing independent advice on the management of projects,
  • Organizing the various professional people working on a project,
  • Performing risk assessment,
  • Monitoring quality standards,
  • Keeping track of progress,
  • Recruiting specialists and sub-contractors,
  • Monitoring schedule, cost and scope baselines.

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