Implementation-of-Project Management Processes


Many companies, their departments and employees work as they have always done and as they see fit. Consider thinking about the implementation of project management processes and phases. Thereby it is not necessary to invent project management, proven systems and standards already exist. What are Project Management Phases? Your projects will typically undergo certain stadiums. Thereby it usually does not matter how big or small your project is and what the desired result of the project is. Implementation of project management processes and phases allows to proceed in a more organized and purposeful way. View such division of a project from different angles. On the one hand,Read More →

9 Steps How to Start a New Project


This blog post is about a situation that is common for many projects and project managers especially in the construction industry. An organization signed a contract for fulfilling a client’s need and engages a project manager to deliver the project. This project manager was not necessarily involved in the project initiation phase. Sometimes the project manager is even entirely new to the contractor’s organization. In order to succeed, the project manager has to prepare himself/herself and has to follow 9 Steps How to Start a New Project. Primarily the below considerations focus on the contractor and its organization, not necessarily on the client in the firstRead More →



Controlling costs surely is a very important process in project management and one of the first responses when asking people’s opinion about a project manager’s role. While cost control certainly indeed is very important, it is only a part of cost management. Without other management areas not equally taken care of, cost management will never succeed. This article is about how to manage project cost the right way and covers the following processes: Planning cost management, Estimating project cost, Determine project budget, and Controlling project cost. Knowledge Areas in Project Management The image shows the knowledge areas covered by Project Managers. The percentages are a resultRead More →



How to make good decisions is subject to many books, articles and guidelines. We are taking decisions probably every single minute during the day. Nonetheless, the process of good decision making often still seems difficult and intuitive. This is especially true when all alternatives have a catch. Below method can help you to make the right decision – in your project as well as in private. Collecting All Facts One does not need more than a sheet of paper and a pencil to write down everything that may be relevant to a decision. That’s why the method is also called Consider All Facts (CAF). List all influencingRead More →